Thursday, April 22, 2004

Hey there! All ya Hippies!

Well well where do i begin? Oh yeah I know! I'm 24 and yes i'm a Female, i hope to god no man has the name susan! I'm from a small town in southeast kansas near oklahoma (for all you geography buffs i'm sure you'll figure it out)! I still live at home (i know LOOSER)! But in August I'm leaving home for school, yippie!!! But i'm scared this is my first time leaving home ( i know LOOSER)! I'm really gonna miss my dad, be glad to be away from my mother! and really miss my puppy dog!! Oh i'm obssesed with my dog btw. She's my life, ask anyone who knows me and they will say i'm a little nauratic about it. She has her one doggy car seat in my car! I know lame! I've never lived anywhere but here, in this poop hole of a town! Yippie freaking Skippy! I'm adopted and the youngest of 4 children. My oldest brother is 44 years old, yah i know that's 20 years older then me, thanks for telling me! My oldest nephew is my age!

I'm a big klutz, so that means i fall at least once a day! Unless I'm on the internet doing something like this i'm not very outgoing, kinda of a loner, and hate meeting new people! I scare easly! Well that's all for now, I'm gonna post Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week seperatly so it may get a little confusing until i get caught up with myself! SORRY if you don't like it Suck MY BIG FAT TOE!!!!! So even though this says that i wrote the others before this one I DIDN'T i altered the dates and times to accomodize the time i would of posted if i had done it!


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