Tuesday, April 20, 2004


First of all I had to get up and go to the temp service to see if they had jobs, I need a job damnit! They didn't have anything, then I had to go the College in our town get a transcript, and a catalog to take with me when i Enroll in the College i'm going to in August. I had to write a check for 1 dollar, eww i know big bucks!

I was on my way outof town, chillin like a villian and the freaking wind picked up, I drive a Tauras, and It managed to move me from side to side in my lane! That's some Strong Freaking Wind I'm tellin ya.

Well i was about an hr or so away from home by now and I had taken my water pill today, and I had to PEEE bad! But wouldn't it be my luck that when i Get to Tulsa there is a bad wreck and I'm waiting in a traffice jam for 30 mins? I about peed my freaking pants! FINALLY we moved and i got to go pee.

I get to the school, and enroll Yah! I'm enrolled!!! You're are going to think i'm insane but I enrolled in 18 credit hrs. YUPPERS My ass is doing nothing but homework LOL. I met Liv (which is my bestest friend in the whole wide world) We chilled, ate, and i decided that i should probably get going. It was about 6:30 k and it would get dark in a couple of hrs, and I get lost so FREAKING easily I didn't want to get lost in the dark. So we said our goodbyes and I was drving my happy ass home.

Around 7:15 i came up to the last stop on the turnpike the next exit or stop was about 30 or so miles away. I went pee (i know i'm a pee pot) got a Vanilla Diet Coke, and some Gas. But when I went to pee there was this creepy guy using the Pay PHone. I rushed past him and slammed the bathroom door shut! I hate freaky guys, they just give me the Willy's! As I'm peeing (remind you it's a female/Male restroom, I know eww) I'm reading about all the different Condoms they were in one of those machines. Hmmm....25 to 75 cents, can we say. "OOPS! I'm gonna be a mommy or daddy?" i just laughed.

I was cruising home when the dude on the radio came over with 'There has been a tornado touchdown in Creek County on hwy 99' Hmmm I wonder if that's anywhere near me. But it's sunny, i kept thinking. So i call Liv, and she told me she saw 2 storms. I said "but it's sunny here so i shouldn't worry right?" She said "I dunno" what a help huh? I looked to my left nothing but blue skies but to my right it was very very grey. Then I came up to the toll booth and it was like "Bam, we've got us a storm" I freak out call my mom, she freaks out, i'm about to cry. I have at least 10 more miles of turnpike and no exits until the BA. Finally i exited off the very first exit I saw and Went to Lowes. The sirens were going off it was windy and green outside, i was pissing in my pants almost.

As I'm sitting there in this hall way of this store, i'm thinking "I'm going to die and I don't know any of these people!" How depressing! But Obvilous I'm okay, or i'm a ghost typing this post LOL. But if i never live through that again in my live then it's okay by me! There were 3 major storms in this area at one time, and the road i was one to get to lowes had a tornado come down it. That's enough to freak a person out!


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