Monday, April 19, 2004

Well today I found out that My 40 hour a week job goes to 12 hrs a week immediatley. How nice of them huh? So now i'm forced to beat the streets to find yet again a 2nd job, I gave up my other 2nd job in December! My GOD!

I went to the Band Concert at the College, but b4 i was to leave to meet this person at their house, my dog "Katie" decided to Piss all over the bed. nice huh? I love my Dog very very much but there are times that I want to throw her out the freaking window! This would of been one of those times. So naturally like always I was late meeting this person.

I had fun at the concert, the Jazz concert was the best I think. People didn't recongize me because I have lost 55 pounds and I went up to say hi to people and they acted like i was some FREAK, then they realized who i was. And this one guy said "WHere'd you put all your weight?" I was like "HUH" and the woman I came with to the concert which was Liv's mom said "She threw it in the trash!" I said "Yup, or i gave it to you" and I patted his stomache. HEHE I'm rude I know.

Welp that's about it for now so buh bye


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