Monday, May 10, 2004

Yes, Yes I realize that I have not posted in almost 2 weeks. I've been very busy. Finalizing my schedule for school, working 2 jobs, and not to mention fighting a very bad kidney infection.

Okay lets see where should I start first. I woke up Thursday morning at 6:30 in tears, I was in so much freaking pain. It felt like someone was squeezing my kidney oh god it hurt. I got up and went to my dad and I was crying so hard my dad thought I was dyeing. He said "Stop crying and tell me where you hurt." So I did, which didn't help because he just looked at me. I felt better by 9 so I went into work at my first job and then I was peeing like every 4 minutes, not exaggerating on that. So then I called the doctors office, and I hate the freaking Dr. Assistant that I had to see, every time I go in there I have a freaking upper respiratory infection. So she asked me if I was coughing this is what I said "No, and no idon't have an upper respiratory infection, that is not why I am here for you to listen to my damn lungs." Needless to say I was little annoyed. Well she couldn't figure out what I had thought maybe I was passing a kidney stone, I'm 24 I don't think so. So we ruled that out and decided I had a Kidney infection.

Friday Liv came home, school is over for her :) I'm happy now I'll have a life. I've been in a depression for about oh lets say 9 months. I was bored all the time and slept most of the time I was at home. But not anymore!!! YEAH!!!!

Work sucks, the grocery store I work at promised me 30 to 33 hrs a week, um I'm getting the max of 20 hrs WTF?!? I can't live off that!!!!!

My computer has a virus on it, damnit. I can't log on the internet without it shutting me down. It was working fine until I took it to my brothers and sister-in-laws, I don't know if they opened email that had something in it or not.

I'm off my diet medication, which sucks because I know want to eat everything in site, but I can't or I'll gain the 55 pounds I lost.

Well that's it for now, promise to post more then what I have in the past.

PEACE OUT, and use Sunblock!!!!


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